The Locker Project & TeleHash Hackathon!

Moderated by: Jeremie Miller
Location: E143/144
The open source Locker Project is making it possible for you to collect all of the data from across your various services and devices all into one place, your “locker” and have an API into that data. There is a framework to build simple connectors to help get data from apps like Runkeeper, devices like gluecose monitors, and any of the social services and APIs where your personal data might be.

If you are a developer who wants to help build these data connectors for analytics, lifelogging, behavior monitoring, location tracking, digitizing body information, etc, or if you would love to build experiences and visualizations combining all this data, please join us!

We encourage you to install a locker before you arrive so you can start hacking! Installation instructions can be found at and we are available and happy to help on the freenode channel #lockerproject. And if you would like to install a locker with us at the hackathon, we are happy to help IRL too!