Kids on Computers: Setting Up Computer Labs For Kids Around The World

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Ever dreamed of traveling to remote places and foreign countries and using your technology skills to improve the world?

We decided to take used computers and set up labs for disadvantaged kids worldwide. We’ve set up six computer labs in Mexico and Argentina and are working on setting up labs in Zambia and India next.
Along the way, we’ve been detained by customs, climbed across roofs with ethernet cable, and hung out with goats and chickens while trying to find the school.
We’ve also met fantastic people, delighted kids, and changed the world. Come learn how you can join us (or perhaps learn to avoid some of our more dangerous exploits) and make
the world a better place by teaching kids about technology and free and open source software.

Kids on Computers, a non profit organization, works to provide free computers and free open source software to disadvantaged kids and schools worldwide.
Our mission is to set up computer labs in schools around the world where kids have no other access to technology. We are a volunteer organization that uses donated computers and open source software to change kids’ lives.

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Avni Khatri

Kids on Computers

Avni Khatri is the Program Manager for the Knowledge and Learning Technologies Group in the Laboratory of Computer Science at Massachusetts General Hospital. She helps build medical informatics applications using open source software and hardware. Her interests include studying different learning methodologies and researching and implementing different technologies and modalities to deliver learning content.

She is also President of Kids on Computers, a 501©(3) non-profit that sets up computer labs in areas where kids have no other access to technology. The organization currently has 16 labs worldwide including 10 labs in Mexico.

Before coming to MGH, she worked at Yahoo! Inc. as a Senior Front-end Engineer on the Flex Force Tiger Team and was co-president of the Southern California chapter of Yahoo! Women in Tech.

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Jessamyn Smith
07/30/2011 3:28am PDT

Interesting and inspiring!