Sharepoint, the Biggest Threat to Open Source

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Open Systems, Open APIs and Open Source are the best alternative to Microsoft locking up more and more information in the data center. For years, Microsoft has built up a portfolio of software that has become a convoluted Swiss Army knife of tools for companies to build knowledge worker applications. The only force to stand up to these has been open source and Open APIs. New standards such as CMIS, OpenSocial and other RESTful protocols have provided vendors the tools to interoperate and enable superior best of breed solutions. We explore the alternative path that Open Source provides in a new world of Social, Cloud and Interoperability.

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Photo of John Newton

John Newton

Alfresco Software

John Newton is CTO and Chairman of Alfresco, an open source enterprise content management system founded in 2005. John has spent the last 25 years building information management software, including co-founding Documentum, the enterprise content management software company with Howard Shao in 1990. John started his career in 1981 in databases as one of the original engineers at Ingres and ultimately ran the database development group. John was also one of the first entrepreneurs in residence in Europe at Benchmark Capital. John blogs frequently on changes in information management as it evolves with open source, Web 2.0 and the commoditization of software and hardware.

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Jeff Potts

Alfresco Software

Jeff Potts, Chief Community Officer, has been a recognized and award-winning leader in the Alfresco community for several years. He has over 18 years of content management and collaboration experience, most of that having come from senior leadership positions in consulting organizations.

Jeff has made many contributions to the Alfresco community since he started working with Alfresco in 2005. Examples range from code, to tutorials and informative blog posts, to code camps, meetups, and conference sessions. In 2008, Jeff wrote the Alfresco Developer Guide, the first developer-focused book on Alfresco.

In November of 2009, Jeff started working with CMIS. He wrote a “Getting Started with CMIS” tutorial based on the draft specification. Then, in December, Jeff released the first version of cmislib, a Python client API for CMIS. In February of 2010, the Apache Chemistry project invited cmislib to become the first non-Java library to become part of the project. The following month, Jeff co-authored a two part introduction to cmislib for IBM developerWorks.

Since then, Jeff has continued to maintain cmislib and regularly speaks on the library and the CMIS specification at conferences such as JBoss World, OSCON, JavaONE, and Devoxx.