The Right Tool for the Job: Using Hadoop with a Purpose-Built Analytics Platform

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When working with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, there is often a tendency to try and force one tool – either Hadoop or a traditional DBMS – to do all the work. At Vertica, we’ve found that there are reasons to use Hadoop for some analytics projects, and Vertica for others, and the magic comes in knowing when to use which tool and how these two tools can work together. Join us as we walk through some of the customer use cases for using Hadoop with a purpose-built analytics platform for an effective, combined analytics solution.

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Mingsheng Hong

Vertica, An HP Company

Mingsheng Hong is a technical marketing specialist at Vertica (an HP company), focused on connecting the product’s technical strengths with its business impact, as well as incubating new use cases on Big Data analytics. Prior to his marketing role, Mingsheng spent 3 years at Vertica as a software architect and engineer, leading the development of a number of core product features. Mingsheng obtained his Computer Science Ph.D. degree at Cornell University, where he pioneered Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology and built Cayuga, the world’s first expressive and scalable CEP engine. Mingsheng is also a co-founder of the Microsoft CEDR event processing project, which became the Microsoft StreamInsight technology shipped with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.