The Ghost in the Virtual Machine: A Reference to References

Java: Trends
Location: A107/108
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Ever wondered whether you should use a weak reference or a phantom reference? If you answered “yes” or “phantom who?,” this is the talk for you. We’ll cover:

  • The java.lang.ref API
  • Its failure modes
  • Reference handling patterns, APIs, and best practices
  • MapMaker: a concurrent map builder with support for strong, soft, or weak keys and/or values
    and more.

Walk in with a working knowledge of the language, and walk out an expert in references, referents, reclamation and other garbage collection necromancy.

Photo of Bob Lee

Bob Lee

Square Inc.

Bob Lee is the CTO of Square Inc. Prior to Square, Bob led Android’s core library development, created the Jolt award-winning Guice framework, and led JSR 330 Dependency Injection for Java.

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Tory Zundel
07/27/2011 9:39am PDT

Good presentation, good information. However, It seemed that there was too much to cover in a such a short time