OSCON Data Innovation Award

Location: Oregon Ballroom 203/204
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Open source is now leading data tools innovation. O’Reilly Media is excited to launch the OSCON Data Innovation Award to recognize a disruptive, innovative technology in data management, to highlight data management as an increasing importance for companies and offer an opportunity to steward a growing resource.

This award will be given to an organization, open source project, or individual who has made a significant innovation in the burgeoning data management field. The nomination can be for a tool for management or analytics, a concept, or even a community shift.

The nomination process is open to the entire open source community and all entries will be judged by the award committee, which include: Sarah Novotny (Program Chair, OSCON and OSCON Data), Bradford Stephens (Program Chair, OSCON Data), Edd Dumbill (Program Chair, OSCON), and Mike Olson (CEO, Cloudera). The award will be presented during the keynote at OSCON Data.

Update: OSCON Data Innovation Award 2011 Winner- LinkedIn

Congratulations to LinkedIn for receiving the OSCON Data Innovation Award 2011.

LinkedIn is a major contributor to the open source community and has provided key innovations used for processing big data.
These include:

  • Voldemort, a distributed key-value storage system supporting low latency, horizontally-scalable data access with a simple API

  • Gephi, an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs

  • Zoie, a high-throughput real-time search indexing system based on the Lucene search library

  • Bobo, a high-performance faceted search library based on Lucene

  • Kafka, a persistent, efficient, distributed message queue

In addition to developing and maintaining open-source tools, LinkedIn also supports other open-source projects through the contributions of its engineers: Jay Kreps, who worked on Voldemort, Jakob Homan, a Hadoop Committer and PMC member; Allen Wittenauer, a Hadoop Committer; Jun Rao, a Cassandra Committer; and John Wang, a Lucene / Solr Contributor, to name a few. Not only has LinkedIn contributed significantly to the open source community in absolute terms, but it has encouraged its top employees to do so in areas core to its own technology stack for processing, analyzing, and visualizing big data.