OpenStack Fundamentals Training Part 2 - Compute

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Location: E141
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OpenStack is a massively scalable open source cloud operating system. The community is currently developing three interrelated core projects: OpenStack Compute (code-named Nova), a scalable compute provisioning engine, OpenStack Object Storage (code-named Swift), a fully distributed object store, and OpenStack Image Service (code-named Glance), an image registry and delivery service.

Launched by Rackspace and NASA in July 2010, OpenStack has quickly gained momentum with more than 200 registered developers and over 80 organizations backing the open source project. There have been three official software releases in nine months, and contributors across the world are adding new features every day.

These back-to-back sessions will provide a solid introduction to and overview of OpenStack in two parts: Part I Object Storage, and Part II Compute. The sessions will cover:

  • Introduction to OpenStack Object Storage and Compute, including key features and use cases
  • An architectural overview of each project
  • The development process, tools and governance model
  • What’s on the development roadmap
  • Fundamental best practices for deploying and operating OpenStack cloud

This session is sponsored by Rackspace Cloud Builders

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Jason Cannavale


Jason Cannavale, Rackspace Cloud Builders Solutions Architect, develops and deploys OpenStack private clouds for Rackspace’s Fortune 500 clients. Jason is also Rackspace’s lead engineer for Citrix’s Project Olympus as well as the technical lead for several key partnerships within the OpenStack community. Previous work includes the Rackspace RackConnect product enabling Hybrid (cloud/physical) computing and large public cloud customer deployment.