CloudFoundry - The building of the Open PaaS

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Cloud Foundry is the first open source PaaS that has gained much attention since its launch in April 2011.

Not only is it available as a service, but since it is open source, anyone can download and setup their own PaaS on their laptop, or in their own datacenter.

How does one go about building a distributed system for the cloud? This session will cover the building blocks and architecture of Cloud Foundry. We will dive into evented architectures, asynchronous IO, and messaging systems, and how they were used to build Cloud Foundry.

Attendees will also learn how to setup a multi-node system of your own.

This session is sponsored by VMWare

Photo of Derek Collison

Derek Collison

Synadia Communications

Derek is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, specializing in high performance distributed systems. With tenures at Google and TIBCO Software, he specializes in Distributed Systems Architecture, High Performance Messaging Systems, and Event-Driven Systems. His current focus is Cloud Foundry and the Open PaaS at VMware Inc.