StreamSQL EventFlow: Visual Programming for Real Programmers

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StreamSQL EventFlow is one of the most popular languages for Complex Event
Processing (CEP), a data management paradigm for real-time applications.
Based on a stream-relational data model common to other CEP languages,
EventFlow is unique in that it is a visual language. This talk
will focus on the design of visual representations for key features
including event dispatch, modularity, data parallelism, polymorphism, and
dependency injection, and on the co-development of an Eclipse-based IDE
along with a new programming language. StreamSQL EventFlow is the primary programming language for the StreamBase Event Processing Platform.

Complex Event Processing platforms are used to process large volumes of
event-oriented data in real-time, often in latency-critical applications
such as securities trading. Combining clustering, messaging, queuing, data
storage, and application logic into one system minimizes latency and gives
the programmer control over all aspects of the application.

StreamSQL EventFlow is an executable visual language for building CEP
applications, unlike visual environments designed for non-developers, or
architecture-focused modeling tools. The talk will cover experiences
overcoming prejudice against visual programming languages, and how critical
development tools are to that process. We will also discuss some details of
the implementation including the compiler, a visual debugger, and diff/merge

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Richard Tibbetts


Richard Tibbetts has been involved in Complex Event Processing since it’s origins in academia, and authored the Linear Road benchmark for real-time event processing. At StreamBase, Tibbetts is responsible for the design and implementation of the StreamSQL EventFlow programming language and the high-performance, low-latency server components of the StreamBase Event Processing Platform. He has extensive experience applying StreamBase and other technologies to mission-critical event processing problems at leading investment banks, hedge funds, and government agencies.