Bridging Unstructured and Structured Data with Apache Hadoop and Vertica

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Location: E142

This session will introduce Apache Hadoop and Vertica and the opportunities around integrated unstructured and structured text analytics at scale. The first aspect in building a scalable analytics solution is to deploy and manage a Hadoop cluster. Attendees will learn how HP Cluster Management Utility provides the capability to rapidly deploy, scale, provision applications and monitor Apache Hadoop. The next part of the presentation will focus on how the Vertica connector for Hadoop allows for easy transport of data between Hadoop and Vertica and will provide a demonstration of how to use all three technologies to build enterprise class solutions that span both unstructured and structured data.

This session is sponsored by HP

Photo of Steve Watt

Steve Watt


Steve Watt works on Technology Strategy for Hewlett-Packard. Prior to that he spent 10 years working as a Researcher and Software Architect of Emerging Technologies within IBM Software Strategy. Steve is an Apache contributor, active in Open Source and chairs the Hadoop & Big Data User Group in Austin, Texas. Prior to working for HP and IBM, Steve spent several years consulting in the Middle East and working for startups in the United States and his native South Africa. Steve holds 12 US Patents (with 18 Patents Pending) and has published a number of technical books and articles.

Photo of Glenn Gebhart

Glenn Gebhart


Glenn Gebhart is a systems engineer at Vertica Systems, Inc. with a focus on the start-up and FOSS community in the Pacific Northwest. Other hats he has worn: field engineer, production operations manager, analytics guy, and bartender. When not flipping bits for a living he enjoys eating, drinking, and practicing kung-fu.