Behind The Scenes: Microsoft, Open Source, And Interoperability - What's Ahead! by Microsoft

Location: Portland Ballroom
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The world is changing, and so is Microsoft. We are continuing down the path of even greater openness and interoperability in new ways . . . not just in development, but rising to meet the challenges and opportunities of the cloud and becoming flexible and nimble in the world of mobile. We also continue to evolve our focus to meet the challenging needs on the industry: we are open, more open than you may think. It’s time to take a look behind the scenes and understand the many reasons why we continue to evolve and embrace greater openness. This keynote will update you on our journey towards even greater openness and share the thought process that lies behind these profound, and evolving, changes.

This keynote is sponsored by Microsoft

Photo of Gianugo Rabellino

Gianugo Rabellino


Gianugo Rabellino is the Senior Director for Open Source Communities at Microsoft. He is also a Vice President of the Apache XML Project Management Committee and Founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Sourcesense.

Gianugo has a deep understanding of open source technologies and platforms, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group of passionate and committed individuals who share his same enthusiasm for interoperability and openness between Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

He blogs at

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Picture of Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes
07/31/2011 11:21pm PDT

The speaker was entertaining, but the talk rubbed me the wrong way. It came off in some ways as, “It’s okay not to be here and not do open source, as long as we get to profit on your work.” Fundamental problem? MS still has no credit with me as a member of the open source community. Sponsoring conferences is nice, but contributing to open source projects is how they can build a better reputation.

Casper Bodewitz
07/27/2011 1:19pm PDT

It was interesting to hear the effort that Microsoft is putting into Open Source. I hope though that they invest as much in communities as they are in making open source products work on windows. It should not be business coes first, at least not always.

bug me
07/27/2011 6:52am PDT