Practical Data Storage: MongoDB @ foursquare

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foursquare is a location-based social network that incorporates gaming elements. foursquare uses MongoDB to store venues, users, and user “check-ins” into venues. In this session, we’ll talk about how foursquare leveraged MongoDB to handle the rapid growth of the service, as well as lessons learned along the way. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the open source tools that foursquare built for using MongoDB with the Scala programming language.

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Harry Heymann


Harry Heymann is the Engineering Lead for foursquare. Before joining foursquare, Harry spent five years at Google where he worked on Google Payments, Dodgeball and various backend advertising systems. Previously, he held roles at Microsoft and Intel. Harry has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to pursuing his obvious interest in mobile technologies, Harry is currently obsessed with exploring the Scala programming language.

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Harry Heymann
08/02/2011 3:06am PDT
Andy Lim
08/02/2011 2:49am PDT

Are the slides for this session posted someplace?

Kathy Yu
07/25/2011 1:57pm PDT

@Laszlo – yes, all Products & Services sessions for OSCON, OSCON Data & OSCON Java are open to all attendees, including Expo Hall pass holders.

Laszlo Z. Antal
07/25/2011 1:21pm PDT

Can expo hall pass holders attend this?