Crafty BoF - bring and work on your craft!

Moderated by: Sheeri Cabral
Location: E143

Please bring your own craft, or if you’re planning on being a non-crafty observer, please note that this will not be a demo or teaching session (unless you arrange it beforehand).

This is simply a crafty get together, for those of us who engage in physical craft. We ask that you limit your craft to something that is not messy (like paper mache) or involves dangerous or smelly chemicals (for example, some paints).

Non-crafty observers welcome!

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Galen Seitz
07/25/2011 1:54pm PDT

Just in case you didn’t know, the sock summit overlaps with OSCON.

Picture of Elle Suzuki
Elle Suzuki
07/19/2011 3:47pm PDT

what an awesome idea; i’m amazed to see this! i need as much as time as i can get to cram-finish a tunic i’m knitting for family near salem soon after the conference!

Picture of Sheeri K. Cabral
Sheeri K. Cabral
07/13/2011 4:24am PDT

I will be bringing my spinning wheel (an Ashford Joy) and at least one knitting project….feel free to comment here or RSVP on the Facebook Event page at with what you’ll bring, so folks with similar crafts won’t feel they can’t bring their craft…