Just What Defines A Web App?

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Apps today are made of a collection of processes. Web processes &
background processes of different types. Just figuring out how to run
an app for a new developer can involve combing through pages of documentation. Procfile is a new open source way of defining the process formation that defines an application. Heroku takes advantage of Procfile to offer an incredible flexible PaaS. Oren will take you through the major features of Procfiles and how Heroku uses it, including illustrating the flexibility, visibility and
confidence that you can achieve with Heroku.

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Oren Teich


Oren Teich is responsible for product management at Heroku. For over 11 years he’s been focused on making developing and deploying applications a better experience. Prior to Heroku, Oren worked with various tech companies such as Sun Microsystems, MontaVista Software, Cobalt Networks and Replicate Technology.