Prying Open the Cloud with Dell Crowbar and OpenStack

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An innovator’s dream, Dell’s™ OpenStack™ Cloud Solution is a massively scalable infrastructure-as-a-service cloud solution. It offers support for existing ecosystems, along with opportunities to influence future direction. Most importantly, it provides foundational components for cloud services. By building on the OpenStack foundation, you can deliver the best cloud for your applications.

In Prying Open the Cloud with Dell Crowbar and OpenStack, attendees will:

  • Find out about one of the fastest ways to stand up an OpenStack cloud
  • Learn about the development, implementation and operation of Dell Crowbar
  • Hear how one company planned and implemented an OpenStack cloud for its business

Dell is one of the original partners in the OpenStack community, which has now grown to more than 70 partners and participants. To accelerate adoption of this powerful platform, Dell has worked to deliver a fast, easy OpenStack experience based on the Dell developed software, Crowbar.

Get started now with:

  • An optimized OpenStack Cloud Solution
  • The Crowbar automated OpenStack installer to speed bare metal deployment
  • A free technical whitepaper that details the design of an OpenStack hyperscale cloud on PowerEdge C server technology
  • Proven expertise to help you get up and running fast

Read more about the steps to design an OpenStack scale-out cloud in Bootstrapping OpenStack Clouds and more info at

This session is sponsored by Dell

Photo of Joseph  George

Joseph George

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Joseph George is the executive director of Server Big Data Strategy and Density Optimized Servers at HP, and is responsible for driving a broad range big data solutions across the HP Server portfolio. He also leads efforts in driving hyperscale server infrastructure as part of HP’s density optimized server business.
Prior to coming to HP, Joseph held key strategy, product management, evangelism, and technical leadership roles at companies like Dell, BMC Software, and Halliburton, and has served on the OpenStack Foundation board of directors. Resultantly, Joseph has spent almost 20 years in driving emerging technology solutions in the areas of virtualization, cloud, big data, commercial and open source software, and scale out computing.
Joseph holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering, as well as a master’s in business administration (MBA), both from the University of Houston. He’s a tried and true Texan, and currently resides in Houston with his wife and two children.
You can catch Joseph’s thoughts and opinions regularly at the JBGeorge Tech Blog ( and he can often be found talking tech on Twitter (@jbgeorge).

Photo of Rob Hirschfeld

Rob Hirschfeld


Rob Hirschfeld likes to build things like cars, clouds, communities, companies and also things that don’t start with C. He was early into the I/SaaS and scale cloud computing, with a start-up solving some interesting problems with hypervisors and the software life cycle. He also learned early that process (Lean/Agile) and operations (DevOps) are critical to successful design and delivery. While he thinks like start-up founder, he also has 5 years of big company experience from Dell where he become a Sr. Distinguished Engineer.

Rob has been very active in open communities. He’s a founding and still active board member (2012-) for the OpenStack foundation. He is also project founder (2011-) and community lead of the OpenCrowbar project. His current job, CEO of RackN, extends with the Crowbar leadership by providing support, consulting and commercial extensions to the community project.

Rob is a graduate of Duke and Louisiana State University. In addition to cloud technologies, Rob is also known for his passion and expertise on the Agile/Lean process and electric cars. You can find Rob’s thoughts on cloud innovation at his blog “” or as “@Zehicle” on Twitter.