Gosu And The Open Type System

Emerging Languages, Java & JVM
Location: E144
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This talk with begin with a quick overview of Gosu for developers familiar with Java or a Java-like language, looking at classes, enhancements, programs and templates.

Next, we will look at some features of Gosu that are not common in other languages: feature literals, delegates and the classpath statement.

After that, we will look at Typeloaders and The Open Type System, a formalized metadata programming API in Gosu. We will look at some TypeLoaders available out of the box that expose XSD, WSDL and Java Properties resources to the Gosu compiler.

Finally, with time permitting, I will briefly look at the implementation of the experimental Protocols Type Loader (http://protocols.github.com/) to show library developers how they can leverage The Open Type System.

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Carson Gross


Carson Gross has been working on Gosu for four years now. He also works on various Gosu-based open source projects: http://vark.github.com, http://ronin-web.org and http://lazygosu.org