Introduction To Developing MeeGo Applications Using The MeeGo SDK

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Location: E141

This presentation will introduce the MeeGo SDK to developers wishing to develop MeeGo applications.

An overview of these tools will be presented:

  • Qt / Qt Quick
  • Qt Creator IDE with MeeGo toolchain and API/libraries (based on Qt)
  • Qt Simulator
  • Various documentation source (integrated help, web/wiki, tutorials, online community

We will present the different development options:

  • Emulation on Windows or Linux platforms
  • Deploy to device
  • Develop and run directly on a Linux workstation in a MeeGo chroot environment
  • Deploy to Qt Simulator

A simple QML sample app will be demonstrated.

If time permits, a more complex example will be walked through demonstrating integration of QML with C++.

An introduction to the AppUp store which allows developers to get their applications packaged and available for sale to a world-wide audience will also be given.

This session is sponsored by Intel

Daniel Holmlund


My wife and two children fill most of the time that I’m not at work or tinkering on some free software project. I work for Intel to help 3rd party companies and developers write or port their applications to MeeGo.

Interesting facts about me:

  • Volunteered for a non-profit in France for 5 years.
  • In junior high, I contributed regularly to Nintendo Powers’ Tips Column.
  • During my honeymoon my wife and I got stuck in the 4th largest ice cave in Germany during a rain storm.