API Documentation, Developer Advocacy and Drupal Development

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Location: E142

API documentation is tough…really tough. However, it is quite necessary, epically if you ever expect someone to use it. And if some of those users happen to gather together to share thoughts and ideas you may just end up with a, “community”. Now as frightfully exciting as this might be, Don’t Panic. Phil has made a large number of mistakes and is willing to share them with you.

Some of the overwhelmingly stimulating topics may include:

  • How to organize a complex API in an even more complex way using Taxonomy
  • Advocating for customers(or how to annoy developers)
  • Over complicating Drupal deployments
  • Fine tuning your filter for maximum transparency

This session is sponsored by SoftLayer

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Phil Jackson


Philip Jackson is the Development Community Advocate for SoftLayer Technologies, serving as the personal contact point for customers integrating with the SoftLayer API. Phil’s experiences in customer service, training, sales, sales engineering and development have culminated into the advocation of resource environments for both external and internal developer communities.