Getting Started With Node, Building a Truly Cross-Platform Game Engine

Node Day
Location: F 151
Average rating: ****.
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Join Tim Caswell for an action packed session exploring the many capabilities
of this platform we call NodeJS. This won’t be your average how to
write a websocket server for your HTML5 game talk. We will delve into
many facets of node including binary C++ addons and multiple
frontends. This game will be able to render to the local screen using
SDL, receive events from USB Joysticks while at the same time share
90% of the game logic, but allow remote web browsers and mobile
devices to be clients to the game as well. We will use websockets,
TLS streams, and whatever other cool technology is needed to connect a
network of devices into a single gaming environment.

NodeJS is not just a JavaScript powered webserver, it’s an easy and
powerful way to script and connect pretty much any computer out there.
Let’s get the creative juices flowing!

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Tim Caswell

HP webOS

Tim is an ardent supporter of open-source software who believes that writing code should be fun. Tim is a core member of the node.js community and loves to help people learn and grow. He runs the website which teaches about JavaScript techniques and node in general. Also Tim spends his days doing all he can to make webOS the best developer platform in the world leveraging nodeJS and webkit on mobile devices.