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The currently popular distributed version control tools are very impressive. But DVCS is the future of version control, and we are just getting started.

At SourceGear we have created a new DVCS called Veracity and tried to give it enough distinctives that it can become part of the story.

Here are a few of the Veracity features which make it somewhat different in the DVCS world:

  1. Decentralized database
  2. User accounts
  3. Apache License 2.0
  4. Repository storage plugins
  5. File Locks
  6. Optional use of SHA-2 or Skein
  7. Built-in decentralized work item tracking

This session will provide an overview of Veracity, giving special attention to the ways in which it is different from Mercurial and Git.

This session is sponsored by SourceGear

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Eric Sink


Founder of SourceGear