DTrace Community BoF

Moderated by: Brendan Gregg, Dave Pacheco
Location: A105
Tags: bof

DTrace is an open-source framework for dynamically instrumenting production systems for a variety of purposes ranging from debugging to real-time performance analysis. The system is capable of examining both kernel and user-level system behavior, scalable enough to trace systems under the heaviest of loads, and absolutely safe for production use. Originally released with Sun’s Solaris 10 operating system, DTrace has been ported in whole or part to both MacOSX and FreeBSD, and a Linux port is currently in progress.

This BoF session will provide an opportunity for anyone interested in DTrace, building with DTrace, or working on DTrace itself on any of these systems to meet and discuss ongoing work and future directions. We expect to have several leaders in the community there, including Brendan Gregg, co-author of the new “DTrace” book.