Expert Hacking in Real Time

Java: JVM
Location: A106

Java 7 is out in 2 days and now is the time to do some old school hacking with it! We’ve picked some existing open source projects that could benefit from some Java 7 spring cleaning and you’re going to help us wield the feather duster. Come and work with a Java 7 mentor (or fellow enthusiast) and create some patches using new Java 7 features such as: try-with-resources (safe I/O!); fork/join (concurrency); method handles (down with Reflection!); saveKitten(); makeCoffee() and helpLittleOldLadyCrossTheRoad().

This session has limited space for 15 attendees on a “first come, first served” basis. You should bring a laptop (we’ll provide a Virtual Machine to work in) and a sense of adventure!