TorqueBox: The Beauty of Ruby with the Power of Java

Java: Trends
Location: B110-111
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The power of enterprise Java is now available through the expressiveness of Ruby. More and more projects are suited to new technologies and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. Using TorqueBox, a team’s members can leverage their knowledge, investments, skills, and trust in Java while exploring the cutting edge of new development models.

TorqueBox supports any Rack-based web framework, including Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. Rubyists now get high-performance Java services like HornetQ, Infinispan, and Quartz using familiar idioms and patterns. In this session, Bob McWhirter will cover general Ruby web-framework support and introduce the use of enterprise JBoss services with only a few lines of Ruby.

Photo of Toby Crawley

Toby Crawley

RedHat, Inc.

As a core member of the TorqueBox team at Red Hat, Toby Crawley helps drive the
integration of Java and Ruby. Toby joined Red Hat in 2010, initially working on
cloud technologies using Ruby before moving to work on TorqueBox full-time.

Prior to joining Red Hat, Toby served as a freelance consultant, where he spent
over three years developing Ruby applications. He also worked at Netscape on their
proxy server product in the distant past. He is one of the organizers of the
Asheville Ruby users group.