Databases for Agile Development

Location: Oregon Ballroom 203/204
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Much has been made of scalability as a driver for choosing a database,
but the choice of a database influences much more than the scaling
architecture. Different database choices drive different data models
which in turn influence the development process. Dwight Merriman,
founder and CEO of 10gen and a core MongoDB committer, will draw on
his experiences from DoubleClick, where he was founder and CTO, as
well as his experiences founding Gilt Groupe, ShopWiki, and Business
Insider, to discuss how the influence of the database on the
development process and how making the right database choices can
allow agile development.

This keynote is sponsored by 10gen

Photo of Dwight Merriman

Dwight Merriman


Dwight is CEO of 10gen which sponsors the open source MongoDB project. Dwight is an active MongoDB committer.

Dwight was cofounder of DoubleClick and CTO of DoubleClick for 10 years. Dwight is the original architect of the DoubleClick DART ad serving system.