Android is Client Java

Java: Client
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One theme of Programming Android is that Android is now client Java. Client Java is what every Java coder started with when they start learning Java, but then, when it gets down to working for a living, it’s all server Java now. So you have millions of coders who are primed for a successful client Java, and many of them work in enterprise IT. How will Android impact the work of Java coders? Attendees will learn:

  • How Android solves several previously unsolved problems in client Java systems, and how this helps explain Android’s success compared to previous attempts at Java-based mobile operating systems.
  • How Android differs from other Java runtime environments and why this creates unique capabilities in Android devices and Android applications.
  • How the Android OS compares architecturally to other mobile operating systems, and what effect this may have on their prospects for success.
  • The difference between Android OS and the Android runtime: That is, if Android is Client Java, can it be used in systems other than Android. A port of the Android runtime will be demo’ed.
  • Android as Client Java in the enterprise: How Android and Android applications can change enterprise computing.

Zigurd Mednieks

Zigurd is the lead author of Programming Android and a consultant to OEMs, device makers, applications publishers, and enterprises on Android systems, applications, and related subject matter.