Big Data; Small Problems (And a Tale of Two Sequels)

Tools and Techniques
Location: Portland 255
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As investment activity has gone up and attention has become more acutely focused on data management problems, the Database/SQL/NOSQL/NewSQL space has become progressively more heated & confusing. Nowadays, it can be mighty hard to even get a good technical sense of what those solutions are capable of, under all the marketing cruft & flamewars.

This session will attempt to give you the essential facts & tools to evaluate the projects, technologies & players that now compose the data management field, from NOSQL (CouchDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak, Hadoop, etc.), to the so-called “NewSQL” scene (Drizzle, VoltDB, Clustrix, etc.) and of course, how it all compares to our trusty MySQL & PostgreSQL. Who is doing what? How do I evaluate my needs and the possible technological options? Are these new technologies stable yet? Will Sandra finally tell Patrick the child isn’t his? All that and more in this 40-minute scenic stroll through data land.

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Tim Anglade


Tim is a promoter, interlocutor and sometimes skeptic of all things NOSQL. He created a global, ephemeral network of user groups called a NOSQL Summer (936 participants in 38 cities from 20 counties) and recently finished filming the NOSQL Tapes, a series of conversations with the community on the various meanings of the trend. In previous lives, he worked on so-called “Big Data” problems at the University of Maryland and at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. He now works for a Data Hosting & Analytics company named Cloudant and occasionally moonlights as an unreliable narrator. He can be found on Twitter as @timanglade.