Wednesday Keynotes

Location: Portland Ballroom
Average rating: ***..
(3.63, 19 ratings)

Keynotes today will be shared by OSCON, OSCON Data, and OSCON Java.

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Joel McGrady
07/26/2011 4:30pm PDT

bah – just saw I’m not eligible – oh well, it’s not like i’m the only one who can write a script to solve the puzzle in no time.

Kathy Yu
07/26/2011 4:29pm PDT

@Joel – unfortunately, Expo Hall pass holders do not have access to the Keynotes and are not eligible to participate in the Button Game.

You can see a complete list of what you have access with an Expo Hall pass here:

And, as you mentioned, you can watch the live keynote stream at

Joel McGrady
07/26/2011 4:21pm PDT

can I come with an expo hall pass? if not, can I get a button by watching online?