From Ruby on Rails to Java: The Gory Details

Java: JVM
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Twitter is the largest Ruby on Rails installation on the
web right now — however, we have been moving from solely hosting
Rails applications to a mixed Rails and JVM deployment. This
migration has been ongoing for a few years at Twitter and we now run
several back-end, high-throughput, and critical components on the JVM.
We’ll discuss our criteria for bringing up services in the JVM, touch
upon some of the systems we have migrated, and focus on the challenges
presented by this work. Along the way, we’ve taken advantage of new
opportunities, and have learned new architectural styles. Twitter is
committed to speed of execution, quality, and efficiency — and our
mixed deployment allows us all three.

Photo of Steve Jenson

Steve Jenson

Twitter, Inc

An engineer at Twitter since 2008 focused on building Scala
applications and libraries for high-volume services. He has been
programming on the JVM since 1999 and in Scala since 2007. He’s a
contributor to a number of open source Scala libraries.