Optimizing MySQL to Let People Argue

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In this presentation, Jeremy Bingham will discuss battling hardware, dealing with legacy designs that were fine once but weren’t scaling, getting the most out of limited computing resources, improving database limits by cheating as much as possible, making the most of what was available, overcoming MySQL itself, and sometimes even overcoming his own boneheaded decisions that seemed like good ideas at the time. He will also discuss how each election cycle required its own optimizations and talk about the progression of optimization tricks through the years, each cycle building on or throwing out the improvements of before.

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Jeremy Bingham


Jeremy Bingham is the technical director for DailyKos.com, a progressive Democratic weblog that is one of the largest sites in the political blogosphere.

He has worked for Daily Kos for the last seven years handling the technology side of the operation, and was a co-founder of SB Nation, a network of sports-related sites.