Ignite OSCON

Location: Oregon Ballroom
Average rating: ****.
(4.79, 24 ratings)

If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Would you pitch a project? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? We’re going to find out when we conduct our second Ignite event at OSCON. We’ll announce the line-up of Ignite talks shortly.

If you haven’t seen an Ignite talk watch some videos at igniteshow.com.

Ignite Talks

  • The Bad Touch(1) – Damian Conway
  • Cryptic Crosswords – Dan Bentley
  • Barehanded Music Making – Piers Cawley
  • Dealing with DevOps Antipatterns – Aaron Blew
  • The Diabolical Developer – Martijn Verburg
  • Oh, The Methods You’ll Compose – Tim Berglund
  • Basic UNIX must-know tools for the server-side Web programmer – Elle Suzuki
  • Games and Puzzles and Ignite – Justin Martenstein

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Picture of Adam Mikeal
Adam Mikeal
07/28/2011 8:13am PDT

These were great! Will we be able to get video or slides from this session?

Berend Tober
07/27/2011 5:10am PDT

Almost all these fast-paced presentations were entertaining and inspiring. Lots of great creativity delivering useful messages and enjoyable humor. Highlight of the day!

Kathy Yu
07/22/2011 7:17am PDT

@Robin – yes, it is. You can check out everything that’s open to all OSCON attendees (including Expo Only passholders) at www.oscon.com/oscon2011/pub...

Robin M Canaday
07/22/2011 6:07am PDT

Is this event open to expo-only passholders?

Scott Molski
07/06/2011 11:05pm PDT

Love Ignite talks, keeps things fast, fresh and fun, and can’t wait to see the OSCON ones. We’re excited to share our presentation too!

Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
07/05/2011 4:09am PDT

@Elle – the call for Ignite talks closed on Friday so we have just started to review the submissions. You can expect to hear back by 7/15 or sooner.

Picture of Elle Suzuki
Elle Suzuki
07/01/2011 4:04am PDT

when might we find out if an ignite talk proposal we submitted gets accepted? thank you.