Hacking Space Exploration

Location: Portland Ballroom
Average rating: ****.
(4.35, 62 ratings)

From launching robots into space to discovering distant galaxies: how people are creating open source space exploration and hacking science.

Photo of Ariel Waldman

Ariel Waldman

Spacehack.org & Science Hack Day

Ariel Waldman makes “massively multiplayer science”, instigating unusual collaborations that spark clever creations for science and space exploration.

She is the founder of Spacehack.org, a directory of ways to participate in space exploration, and the global director of Science Hack Day, an event that brings together scientists, technologists, designers and people with good ideas to see what they can create in one weekend. Recently, she launched Spaceprob.es, a catalog of the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy. Ariel is an appointed National Academy of Sciences committee member of a congressionally-requested study on the future of human spaceflight. She also sits on the council for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC), a program that nurtures radical, sci-fi-esque ideas that could transform future space missions. In 2013, Ariel received an honor from the White House for being a Champion of Change in citizen science.

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Picture of Ricardo Signes
Ricardo Signes
07/31/2011 11:18pm PDT

This was interesting, inspiring, and well-delivered. This is what I want to expect from plenary keynotes.

Picture of Daniel Bernier
Daniel Bernier
07/30/2011 3:53am PDT

I love the open science emphasis at Oscon, seeing how people in other fields are promoting openness and participation. Very inspiring talk, Ariel.

Picture of Jeff Hamann
Jeff Hamann
07/27/2011 2:20pm PDT

An inspirational vanguard.

Casper Bodewitz
07/27/2011 1:13pm PDT

Awesome talk Ariel! It inspired me to get back into space stuff again. REally cool how you make things happen and can talk about it in an very engagin manner.

Picture of Donna Benjamin
Donna Benjamin
07/27/2011 7:54am PDT

Thank you Ariel – I wanna hack the stars now. :)

Picture of Estelle Weyl
Estelle Weyl
07/27/2011 4:40am PDT

Great, energetic, fun, inspiring talk. By far the best of the morning.

Picture of Tim Krajcar
Tim Krajcar
07/27/2011 3:08am PDT

Inspiring talk. Best of the morning by a lightyear…