Learning jQuery

Javascript & HTML5
Location: E145/146
Presentation: Learning jQuery Presentation [ZIP]
Paper: Learning jQuery Paper [PDF]
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Learn how to master the most popular and powerful JavaScript library by writing less and doing more. Fuller details to come soon.

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Remy Sharp

Left Logic

Remy is the founder and curator of Full Frontal, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also runs jQuery for Designers, co-authored Introducing HTML5 (adding all the JavaScripty bits) and is one of the curators of HTML5Doctor.com.

Whilst he’s not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. Generally speaking, he’s about as crazy about JavaScript, HTML & CSS as a squirrel is about his nuts during the winter!

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Gene Dascher
07/26/2011 6:32am PDT

Fantastic class. Remy knows his stuff. Good lecture, good examples, good hands on.

Picture of Remy Sharp
Remy Sharp
07/24/2011 4:59am PDT

Prerequisites: none really. Happy with some basic JavaScript – but this is a beginner’s workshop so if you use jQuery regularly in your work, this isn’t a workshop for you.

Picture of Sumana Harihareswara
Sumana Harihareswara
07/06/2011 4:19am PDT

What are the prerequisites for this tutorial?