Hacking Java EE: CDI Extension n00b to l33t in 40 Minutes

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Java EE 6 is a drastic improvement over previous revisions of the platform. But regardless of how significant the releases are, it’s not long before we want more. In this talk, you’ll discover that waiting around for Java EE 7 isn’t your only option, thanks to the portable extension SPI introduced by CDI.

To prove that the Java EE platform is truly extensible, we’ll hack rather than talk theory. We’ll go over the options you have for enhancing the application, from registering custom beans, interceptors and decorators, to customizing dependency injection points, to aliasing annotations, to augmenting the annotation-metadata on registered beans, to introducing custom scopes. The talk will cover when and how you weave these enhancements into the container lifecycle using the CDI eventing system.

Having looked at some standard examples, we’ll unlock some shortcuts and shorthands that are provided by the portable Seam Solder library. Examples we’ll be drawn from the growing ecosystem of Open Source portable extensions. Java EE 6, you’re going to be pwn’d. W00t!

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Dan Allen


Dan is an open source advocate, community catalyst, developer, author and speaker. He leads the Asciidoctor project and serves as the community manager for Arquillian. As one of the founders of OpenDevise, Dan works with software communities and businesses to help them discover and cultivate their open source way.

Dan is the author of Seam in Action (Manning, 2008) and has written articles for NFJS magazine, IBM developerWorks, Java Tech Journal and JAXenter. He’s also an internationally recognized speaker, having presented at major software conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, NFJS, UberConf, RWX, JAX and Jazoon. He’s earned the titles of JavaOne Rock Star, JBossWorld Top Presenter and JAX Hall of Fame speaker.

After a long conference day, you’ll likely find Dan enjoying chatting about tech, docs and open source with fellow community members over a Trappist beer.