Testing in Scala

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Presentation: Testing in Scala Presentation [ODP]
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Most introductory programming books include a chapter on testing, seemingly as an afterthought. For the test-driven developer, that’s a little too late. Some programmers approach a new programming language with a few test-cases to understand a concept. Others thrive under fire and want to hit the ground running in a new programming language by creating an application. Regardless of your profile, this presentation will help you get started with a Scala testing environment so you can concentrate on the finer points of the language. This presentation will cover SBT (Scala Build Tool), Specs, ScalaTest, Borrachio and Automatic Test Generation with ScalaCheck.

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Daniel Hinojosa has been a self-employed developer, teacher, and speaker for private business, education, and government since 1999. Daniel also currently teaches programming at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education. His business revolves around the Java ecosystem, encompassing multiple languages and frameworks. Daniel is a Pomodoro Technique practitioner and is cofounder of the Albuquerque Java User’s Group in New Mexico.