Cook Up a Data Mashup on the Fly with Infochimps

Data: Roulette
Location: Oregon Ballroom 204

Code repositories have made hacking code together possible for years. There is no easy way to find data for mashups though. When made adjacent through one API, data from multiple sources and APIs suddenly has more meaning, with our social identities, locations, and environment giving context to each other.

This talk shows how data pulled from multiple sources into the Infochimps API makes it very easy to mash up data the same way developers hack together code. Bring your computer with your terminal ready and learn how Infochimps can help you focus more on bringing value into data by taking the chimp work out of using it.

Photo of Dhruv  Bansal

Dhruv Bansal


Dhruv Bansal cofounded Infochimps in 2008 after realizing that there was no single place to easily find updated data online. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Winnie Hsia


Winnie is the Community Manager for Infochimps. She has been a career long advocate of community building and was the pioneer for social media initiatives at Whole Foods Market and Infosys. She has been quoted in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Business Week and Mashable. She won the Shorty Award for Best Brand for Whole Foods Market in 2010.

In her spare time, she runs Austin’s premier aerial arts collective, Sky Candy and works to make the world a more connected and happier place.