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The Locker Project is an open source community effort to create a powerful set of tools to collect all of your personal data and structure it so that you get the most benefit and control over it. This workshop will walk through three of the major ways to use this new platform:

1 – My Locker – Walk through all of the steps of setting up your own locker, including social data, fitness and health data, personal transactions, messaging, and media. Explore many of the dashboard utilities, personal analytics, and self discovery apps built on your own data.

2 – Peer Lockers – What kinds of things can you do once you connect your locker with others P2P? Learn how you use the richer set of sharing enabled and how powerful it can be to connect your locker to others. This will include a basic overview of how the TeleHash Distributed Hash Table works to power Peer Lockers.

3 – Building on Lockers – As a developer or entrepreneur, get an introduction to how you can create apps that run either powered by someone’s locker, or can even run within the locker and distributed network. Building on and around lockers is dramatically more powerful, but requires a deep respect for the person’s data and privacy, learn more about what that means technically.

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Jeremie Miller

NodePrime | Telehash | Pinoccio

Passionate about communication protocols and distributed systems. Currently leading the development of telehash to bring strong security and privacy to cloud scale platforms and future IoT networks.

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Jeremie Miller
07/28/2011 4:04am PDT

Thanks Elliot, and 1000% agree on the needing more polish, it was a first run :) Very passionate about the subject and working hard to advance the project, all feedback/ideas/involvement super welcome!

Elliot Shank
07/28/2011 1:38am PDT

The subject itself was awesome, but the presentation itself could have done with more polish.