DIY NoSQL: Spinning Up Your Own "NoSQL As a Service"

Java: Cloud
Location: A105
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Whether it’s HBase, Cassandra or one of the many others, you’ve probably already hears about NoSQL. Perhaps you’ve wanted to try it out, but don’t have the infrastructure or expertise to setup an elaborate clustered environment.

During this talk, you’ll see how to make your own NoSQL platform using infrastructure clouds such as Amazon EC2 or GoGrid. We’ll demonstrate how you can use Whirr to start up your own configurable cluster with just a couple of commands, and how you can integrate this into your automation for to achieve, for example, continuous testing flows.
We’ll also show how Whirr uses jclouds for node management, and how you can easily add additional services using the underlying jclouds ComputeService interface.

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Adrian Cole


Adrian founded the open source project jclouds in March 2009, and is
actively engaged in cloud interoperability and devops circles. Recent
efforts include vCloud ecosystem engineering at VMware, Java
integration at Opscode, and cloud portability efforts at Cloudsoft.
Adrian’s currently consulting under Cloud Conscious LLC.