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Android is the most successful mobile operating system at this stage and open source from the Linux kernel all the way up the stack running on the phone. However it does not stop there. The core SDK and development tools are open source as well and are developed completely in the open. Beyond the Android Development Toolkit (ADT) for Eclipse the proprietary MotoDev Studio builds on the same tools and is actively pushing enhancements back to the ADT codebase and the Eclipse Sequoyah Project. Also reusing development tools from the SDK is the open source JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.

Beyond IDE’s a rich ecosystem of build tools and enhancements has emerged starting with the Maven Android Plugin and the efforts of the community to rebuild the android.jar from AOSP and get it into Maven central. You can also find plugins for Gradle and SBT and continuous integration server plugins for Hudson/Jenkins.

With Robolectric and Robotium two great testing tools beyond the SDK based testing support are available and await your help as open source project contributors and there are a variety of further test tools.

In terms of library use you will learn what to look out for when reusing normal Java libraries, see how light weight optimised libraries can be reused for Android and how very useful special purpose libraries like RoboGuice or DroidFu have gathered some following as well and great new ones like Androidannotations emerge as well.

Last but not least I will show some special tools like Droid@Screen, dex2jar or proguard that will become your tools of choice for certain Android development related tasks.

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Manfred Moser

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Manfred Moser has been into dabbling with computers ever since getting a Commodore 64 in the 80s. He started using Linux and the internet in the 90s and has been professionally developing software in Java since 2003. This affinity to Linux and Java made Android development a natural progression and he is now working as Android application developer and consultant with his own little company
simpligility technologies.

Manfred has an engineering background, an eye for detail and a desire for doing it right, while also wanting to get the
software released and used. This got him involved with agile software development methodologies before everybody was talking about it.
He has a passion for tools and infrastructure that helps other developers and development teams and loves mentoring others and sharing his experience
and wealth of knowledge.

His community orientation got him to contribute to various open source projects including the
Maven Android Plugin
and author of the Android chapter in the book
Maven: The Complete Reference. He is the founder of the
Vancouver Island
Java User Group
in Victoria, BC, where he lives with his wonderful wife and three little sons. You can follow him on twitter
@simpligility or read his blog posts to find out more.