JVM Bytecode for Dummies

Java: JVM
Location: Oregon Ballroom 201
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Every Java developer should have a good working knowledge of JVM
bytecode and what’s happening under the covers. Whether you want to
generate your own bytecode or simply understand what your code looks
like to the JVM, you’ll get something out of this talk. We’ll cover
all the most common operations with visual representations of how the
JVM execute that code. We’ll see how the new invokedynamic bytecode
works. And we’ll track what happens to your bytecode after you hand it
off to the JVM: from interpretation, through compilation and
optimization, all the way to x86_64 assembly code.

During the first part (JVM Bytecode Basics) I will demonstrate two
bytecode libraries. One is BiteScript, a Ruby API and DSL for
generating JVM bytecode that’s elegant and easily readable. I’ll also
show ASM, the de-facto standard Java library for generating JVM
bytecode. Examples will all be runnable by any attendee, but
participation is not necessary.

The second part (JVM Bytecode Optimization) will walk through how
bytecode flows through the JVM. We’ll see how the JVM optimizes your
code (and more importantly…why it sometimes doesn’t optimize), how
to monitor the JVM’s compiler and optimization process, and ultimately
how to see exactly what native code runs on the CPU. You’ll have a
stonger knowledge of the JVM than ever before.

Photo of Charles Nutter

Charles Nutter

Engine Yard, Inc

Charles Oliver Nutter has been programming most of his life, as a Java
developer for the past decade and as a JRuby developer for over four
years. He co-leads the JRuby project, an effort to bring the beauty of
Ruby and the power of the JVM together. Charles believes in open
source and open standards and hopes his efforts on JRuby and other
languages will ensure the JVM remains the preferred open-source
managed runtime for many years to come. Charles blogs at blog.headius.com and tweets as headius on Twitter.

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Picture of Charles Nutter
Charles Nutter
07/27/2011 9:27am PDT

I’ve uploaded the slides to slideshare here: www.slideshare.net/CharlesN...

I will also send along my PDF to the OSCON folks.

Muhammad Ali Siddiqui
07/27/2011 7:32am PDT

Hello Charles,

Can you please share the contents of this workshop? I was really looking forward to attend it, but was having fever in the morning and missed it.

Thank you so much in advance.