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Java: Craftsmanship
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Gradle is an Apache licensed open source tool that provides a revolutionary way of implementing build solutions in the Java eco-system leveraging a mature build DSL instead of XML. It builds on top of the previously best of breed options providing features such as the flexibility and freedom of Apache ANT, and the dependency management and build conventions of Apache Maven. Gradle surpasses these predecessors in real innovative ways providing solutions necessary to stream-line complex enterprise automation environments.

Gradle’s plugin architecture allows for extremely concise build solutions for those simple projects that choose to follow the defined build conventions, however Gradle does NOT lock build masters into predefined conventions allowing legacy layouts, sophisticated builds or enterprise defined standards to be a matter of configuration.

In this session you will learn how to:

  1. Migrate XML-based builds like ANT and Maven to a Gradle build DSL, making the intent of the build readable and easier to understand
  2. Reduce build processing time and increase productivity through incremental builds
  3. Declaratively express build needs

Come see why some of the leading open source projects, such as Grails, Spring Integration, Hibernate, and Tapestry have all moved to Gradle as their build system.

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Ken Sipe


Ken Sipe is the CTO of Gradleware, Inc. ( With the co-founders Hans Dockter and Adam Murdoch, Ken helps companies of all sizes adopt agile practices and automate their enterprise systems enabling faster time to market and higher quality.

Ken is an international speaker on the subject of software engineering speaking at conferences such as JavaOne, JavaZone, Jax-India, and The Strange Loop. He is a regular speaker with NFJS where he is best known for his architecture and security hacking talks. In 2009, Ken was honored by being awarded the JavaOne Rockstar Award at JavaOne in SF, California and the JavaZone Rockstar Award at JavaZone in Oslo, Norway as the top ranked speaker.