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Web developers are no doubt familiar with debugging tools such as FireBug for FireFox and Web Inspector for WebKit-based browsers. But what about the mobile platform? How can you debug your web application running on a mobile device?

weinre is a debugging tool which provides capabilities found in desktop web debuggers for the mobile web environment. It’s a desktop application which allows you connect to your mobile web application running on a device or emulator, to view and interact with the DOM, JavaScript, and more.

The weinre project reuses the user interface code from WebKit’s Web Inspector debugger, so will be familiar to anyone who has used that tool. It can debug applications running in a mobile web browser, as well applications which embed a web browser control in their application, such as applications built with PhoneGap.

This presentation includes a demo of weinre, description of how you can install it to debug your mobile web applications, and discussion of the future of weinre.

A screencast of weinre demonstrates it’s capabilities, and the documentation provides additional information.

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Patrick Mueller

IBM, Apache

Patrick Mueller is a software developer at IBM in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. He’s been working on web software and mobile software for a long time, in many languages, across many OSes.

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Paul Schilling
08/02/2011 3:02pm PDT

Very useful tool. I installed it that night and started to play around with it. The descriptions of what it can do were very helpful and we will really appreciate the tool as we start to develop mobile apps.

Speaking from my own experience a bit more thought in the name could have been done ;-)