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Compelling location-based services require more than simple “what’s near me?” operations. The Open Street Map dataset is a perfect example of a rich geographically-based wiki that can be used for much more than map rendering.

With the newly released Neo4j Spatial, any data can be adapted to complex queries with geographic components like “Select all streets in the Municipality of NYC where at least 2 of my friends are walking right now”.

The talk will demonstrate the important benefits of modeling geodata in a graph, the main components needed to expose data to geo stacks like map servers, and explain how the Open Street Map dataset is modeled in Neo4j. I’ll show how using Neo4j unlocks the full potential of the OSM data far beyond just rendering maps.

There will also be some cool examples of Neo4j Spatial, from Telecomms network planning, Web-based AJAX GIS systems, topology editing and routing to REST and Web Feature Service endpoints, all in a single stack.

This is Location-based Services on steroids!

Photo of Peter Neubauer

Peter Neubauer

Neo Technology

Peter is co-founder of a number of popular Open Source projects such
as Neo4j, Tinkerpop, OPS4J and Qi4j. Peter loves connecting things,
writing novel prototypes and throwing together new ideas and projects
around graphs and society-scale innovation. Right now, Peter is
concentrating on turning Open Source projects into profitable
enterprises at Neo Technology, the company sponsoring the development
of Neo4j, the Graph Database. Also, Peter is a Mentor helping startups
at Startupbootcamp Copenhagen and organizing events like and TEDx Öresund.

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Sheeri K. Cabral
09/04/2011 10:15pm PDT

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