OpenTSDB: A Scalable, Distributed Time Series Database

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In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into OpenTSDB, the open-source, horizontally scalable, time series database built on top of HBase. We’ll show how its design allows you to easily monitor large clusters of commodity machines at an unprecedented level of granularity. We’ll review how its implementation enables you to store billions of data points and to track orders of magnitude more time series from thousands of hosts and applications. With a resolution of a few seconds, OpenTSDB provides accurate real-time monitoring as well as long term trending, without ever having to delete or destructively downsample any data.

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Benoit Sigoure

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Benoit is a software engineer with a strong UNIXy/Linux background. He specializes in designing, writing & running large-scale distributed serving systems that serve millions of users. He has a deep understanding of the entire technology stack (including Google’s), from on-wire protocols and low-level implementation details all the way up to high-level designs used in high-availability distributed systems (both in software and in the datacenter).

Benoit designed and implemented OpenTSDB, the open-source, highly scalable, distributed, monitoring system.

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Picture of Sheeri K. Cabral
Sheeri K. Cabral
09/04/2011 10:15pm PDT

Video for this talk can be found at

Picture of Benoit Sigoure
Benoit Sigoure
07/25/2011 8:25am PDT

Sid, I don’t personally use Twitter, but you can tweet @OpenTSDB. Thanks for the kind words.

Picture of Siddharth Anand
Siddharth Anand
07/25/2011 7:00am PDT

Benoit, couldn’t find your twitter id. Good talk. —Sid (Cloud Data Architect, Netflix)