Open Source Compiler Construction for the JVM

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The JVM has seen an explosion of open source languages in recent years and has really given the Java platform a new lease on life. While Java The Language stagnates, the platform as a whole continues to push forward in new and wonderful ways. This is largely thanks to these new languages and the communities that have sprung up around them.

Compiler construction is often perceived to be a dark art, accessible only to those with a sufficiently sized beard (and/or moustache, for the trend-bucking Perl ruffians out there). However, all that’s really needed to get started with compilers these days is a bit of spare time and patience.

In this presentation I’ll discuss how one might go about implementing a simple compiler that executes on the JVM using Scala and BCEL.

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Tom Lee

Shine Technologies

Tom is a Senior Consultant for Shine Technologies, a software consultancy with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. He is an avid supporter of open source software, having contributed patches to projects like ©Python, PostgreSQL, nodejs Ruby on Rails and Joomla. Tom was credited with implementing the try/except/finally syntax found in Python 2.5+.