Collaboration - An Emerging Trend in the Healthcare Open Source Model

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Overview of Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc.
Situation Summary
Motivations for Collaborating
Expanded Resources
Expanded Knowledge-Base
Reduced Costs
Reduced Development Time
Another Perspective
Collaborating to Meet CCHIT Certification
A Complex Process
Overview on Certification Requirements
Tolven’s Contributions
RHS’s Contributions
Lexicomp’s Contributions
Benefits to All Collaborating Parties
Current Status
CCHIT Certification Ongoing Until 2014
Additional Developments

Vickie Hoffman

Roberts-Hoffman Software

Vickie Hoffman is CEO and a co-founder of Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc. She has over 20 years experience in developing and implementing healthcare solutions for providers and hospitals. Vickie has managed implementation projects from front office registration/admissions to electronic medical record. She has a degree in business administration.

Thomas Jones


Dr Jones received his MD from Stanford in 1969. He spent the next 26 years at the University of Chicago where he and his colleagues developed the Centennial Patient Care Workstation, a model for allowing clinicians to enjoy the benefits of new information technology.

In 1995, Dr. Jones joined Oacis Healthcare Systems, where he focused more deeply on the clinical functionality of applied informatics. At Oacis, he had the opportunity to work closely with some of the founding members of the HL7 organization. Understanding how clinicians communicate with one another led to an appreciation of how the standardization of clinical information fosters more rapid and accurate communication.

In 2000, Dr. Jones joined Oracle where, as Chief Medical Officer, he provided the clinical leadership for Oracle’s Healthcare Strategy group. Dr. Jones worked with provider organizations, payor organizations, academic institutions, healthcare informatics standards organizations, government representatives and pharmaceutical firms in 34 countries. He participated in the creation of white papers for the European Commission and chaired the Technical Committee for the Interoperability Consortium.

In 2006, Dr. Jones co-founded Tolven Inc., which was formed to bring to market a consumer-centric, open source, integrated electronic platform for medical information that promotes clinician-consumer collaboration.

Photo of Brady Mathis

Brady Mathis

Roberts-Hoffman Software, Inc.

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