Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: PostgreSQL 9.1

Data: Relational
Location: C123
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PostgreSQL continues to provide a major release every year full of improvements, better performance and features that measure up to the most popular commercial databases. Our 2011 release, 9.1, is no exception!

This year, new features include: fast, unlogged tables, streaming backups, order-by-operator support for indexes, SE/Linux compatible features, triggers on VIEWs, better tools for preventing SQL injection attacks on dynamic statements. All that builds upon last year’s release of Hot Standby and streaming replication, two critical features that bring easy-to-use, read-only replication into the core of PostgreSQL.

This talk will demonstrate key features of the database, show you how to quickly get running with a hot standby system and hint at what you can expect from PostgreSQL in 2012.

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