Deploying Plack Web Applications

Location: Portland 256
Tags: perl, web, psgi, plack
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Plack and PSGI have opened the new landscape of Perl web frameworks and servers. When it comes to the deployment of your web application, it gives you so many choices that would even make your sysadmin mad. This talk will quickly walk through the PSGI supported web servers and case studies of website deployment with middleware configurations.

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Tatsuhiko Miyagawa


Perl hacker, Software Engineer at COOKPAD, founder of and YAPC::Asia organizer. Loving TV shows, football and 8 bit video games.

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Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes
07/29/2011 3:55am PDT

Excellent overview of the psgi universe. The concrete recommendations/disrecommendations were especially helpful.

Picture of Mark Allen
Mark Allen
07/27/2011 8:22am PDT