SVG Now: Servers, Desktops, Devices and Beyond

Tools and Techniques
Location: Portland Ballroom
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SVG as a vector graphics format has been around for many years, but its usefulness has recently blossomed. This talk will present an overview of SVG and then move on to cover many of the different areas where it can be of use. Details are drawn from the speaker’s experience in multimedia since the 80’s through to being a core developer and board member with Inkscape – the top Open Source SVG editor.

Although primarily targeting those not yet using SVG in a daily workflow of some form or another, the breadth of the possible uses covered should help most see new ways to leverage SVG. Expanding SVG use or even applying SVG in ways not previously expected are some of the possible benefits.

  • Overview
  • On the Server
    • Data visualization
    • XSLT and other manipulations
  • On the Web
    • Browser Support
      • Built-in (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and now MSIE)
        • Yes, even Microsoft
      • Drop-in / add-ons
    • Web assets
    • Web apps
  • On the Desktop
    • Desktop environments
    • SVG in desktop applications
    • SVG as asset “source code” for applications
  • On Devices
    • iOS device support
    • Android support
    • Others
    • Source for non-SVG mobile graphics
  • And Beyond
    • Drawing and diagramming
    • Shirts, schwag and other custom artifacts
    • Lathes and lasers, cutting and grinding
    • Unique uses

Jon Cruz


Jon A. Cruz is a professional developer with over 20 years of experience, working extensively in multimedia, including programming and 3D art creation, and has developed for a wide variety of platforms. Work includes R&D for mobile and other devices, servers for large mail and messaging systems, enterprise security applications, and user interface design and development. Currently involvement in Open Source is as a core developer and board member with Inkscape.

He represents Inkscape with the OpenICC and Create projects, focusing on shared resources and collaboration with other software. He has participated as a mentor in Google’s Summer of Code since its first year. He was a keynote speaker at SVG Open, has presented talks internationally including and the Libre Graphics Meetings in Lyon and Montreal, and is a co-author of the upcoming “Beginning Inkscape” book.

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Picture of Brion Vibber
Brion Vibber
07/28/2011 11:18am PDT

Ended up a higher-level introduction than I was expecting, but well done for what was covered.

What pixel scaling discussion there was seemed just fine—and it’s quite relevant to remind folks about scaling issues in today’s multi-resolution world. There are several different common display densities on mobile phones, and we can expect that to come to the tablet, laptop, and desktop worlds soon. Web & desktop developers have often assumed they’ll never need to worry about such things.

Picture of Fred Willerup
Fred Willerup
07/28/2011 9:46am PDT

presentation could have gone a little deeper – for example the presenter wasted too much time on what pixel scaling means and on trivia questions to the audience. good q&a session afterwards.