Whirr: Open Source Cloud Services

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Systems like Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, and ZooKeeper are powerful tools, but are notoriously difficult to set up, configure, and run. Whirr is an open-source Apache project founded by Hadoop committer and O’Reilly author Tom White, to make it easy to run these systems on cloud hardware.

Whirr is cloud neutral, so services may be run on a wide variety of cloud providers (such as EC2 or Rackspace), simply by changing a configuration property.

In this talk Tom will explain the architecture of Whirr, cover some use cases, and show how to use Whirr’s Java API and command line interface to start and stop services. He will also briefly cover how to write a Whirr service implementation.

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Tom White


Tom White has been an Apache Hadoop committer since February 2007, and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is the author of Hadoop: The Definitive Guide for O’Reilly. Previously he worked as an independent consultant specializing in Hadoop, and before that was co-founder and lead developer at Kizoom, a UK mobile applications startup. Tom has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, and a master’s degree in history and philosophy of science from the Universities of Leeds, UK, and Florence, Italy.

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