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Slate is a dynamic object-oriented language with a live, interactive environment and a self-hosted architecture, giving it great control over its runtime environment and structure. Pervasive use of closures, prototypes, multi-methods, and macros bring it already within close reach of functional pattern-matching.

Recently, Atomo was developed as a similar language with a strong functional basis (lightweight interpreter in Haskell), which has allowed for rapid development of features that have been long-time Slate goals, but which an existing implementation precluded. So Slate is busy re-inventing its idioms and libraries to accommodate Smalltalk’s XTreams streaming/parsing framework, first-class expression patterns, and a cleanly modular design.

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Brian Rice

Slate programming language

Brian Rice is a software developer and consultant with a long-time interest in programming language design and paradigms. He has a background in engineering mathematics, embedded systems, and data-warehousing and analytics. He feels more at home with category theory than in Haskell, but don’t hold that against him.